Rekha Shukla Poet

The day you called

Walking alone on the road lonely and lost in thoughts
Suddenly you tapped at the back
For a moment world stood still
And mind stopped thinking

First, I regretted being disturbed
From my realm of dreams
Later felt grateful
That at least you woke me up
Being in dreams

It seemed Just an escape from reality
When you walked a few steps
Dreams seemed coming true
But the day you jilted
That castle of hopes crashed
All those vows and promises
Broke like china glass

I wonder if you too felt the loss
Our friendship nourished by
Devotion and sacrifice
Why proved to brittle?
Those few steps which we walked together
Left no foot prints?
Why did we walk on sand?

At times I felt life gives more
than one wants
Now I feel it takes away
More than what is gives in a jiffy
Bizarre are ways of destiny
We create, amass, possess, protect
Wealth, relations, good times
Only to lose

I have a treasure of memories
Where is that feeling of fulfilment?
They just leave me hollow inside
Sense of loss so intense
That now I hate being called
Or just don’t respond
While walking alone on the road

At least the choice is mine
Or if at all we could start life afresh?
Only on solid grounds
Not to lose

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